Highlighting Defibrillators in Tamworth

Recent research shows that your best chances of survival from a cardiac arrest is to receive a cardiac shock within three minutes. Every minute afterwards decreases your chance of survival by 10%. Across Tamworth and the surrounding villages there are around 70 defibrillator boxes for community responders to use. However, there can always be more, especially in Ventura Park, and so I have launched his ‘Defib-A-Day’ campaign over August 2019 to highlight a number of defibrillator sites every single day, raising awareness to local residents.

The campaign is in partnership with ‘Tamworth Have A Heart’ run by Keith Dawson and chaired by our town Mayor Richard Kingstone. The MP’s August campaign aims to raise awareness and hopefully encourage more defib units across our towns and villages.

I recently met with Cardiac Risk in the Young and to see the effects of heart defects can have on young people got me thinking on how we can help support Tamworth’s population across all heart issues. It sadly brushes many peoples families and if we can continue to increase the number of defibrillator sites or urge more young people to get screened then I will work to do that. So every single day in August I will be highlighting different Defibrillator sites across our town and villages, in our papers, on my website and on my social media. I urge residents to share these so we all know where help can be found in the rare situations that it is required.

If you would like to get involved with Tamworth Have A Heart visit - www.tamworthhaveaheart.co.uk

If you are a young person wishing to be screened for heart health visit - www.c-r-y.org.uk/screening/

Defibrillators are easy to use and if you're unsure, when you call 999 and provide the details of the defib, the team will talk you through use.

Here's the defibrillators I'm highlighting

Day 1  Marmion House

Defibrillator outside Marmion House

Outside Marmion House - Lichfield Street

At the home of Tamworth Borough Council, the Marmion House AED has 24 Hour Public Access on the front left of the building.  It has already saved 2 lives! 



Day 2  Clifton Campville Village Hall

Our defib today is based at Clifton Campville Village Hall, located on the external wall with 24 hour access. 


Clifton Campville village hall

close up of the Clifton Campville defib

Based at the Village Hall, Church Street, Clifton Campville

Do you know how a defib works?  Check out this great video from St John's Ambulance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFvL7wTFzl0



Day 3 - Tamworth Enterprise Centre

Today’s defib is located at Tamworth Enterprise Centre, on the left-hand side of the outside wall y the Taxi Rank and bus stop with 24hr access.  Some know this building as the old Philip Dix Centre, it now houses tonnes of new and on the rise local businesses, offers meeting rooms, shared space and mailboxes for any local entrepreneur.

outside the phillip dix centre

near the taxi ranks on corporation street

The Defib at the Tamworth Enterprise Centre, Corporation Street, Tamworth, near the Assembly Rooms.

Calling all business owners!  Have your staff been trained in First Aid?  Could your business install a defib?  Studies show immediate delivery of CPR and an AED shock in under 3 minutes can bring survival rates up to 90%. 

If you are a business looking to install a defib Tamworth Have a Heart can offer advice and support.



Day 4 - Edingale Village Hall

Day 4 of my Defib a Day campaign takes us back out into the rural areas of our constituency.  This defib can be found at Edingale Village Hall, on the right hand side of the main entrance, with 24 hour access.  Another AED can be found on Main Rd, Edingale, opposite the Black Horse.

Defib at Edingale Village Hall

close up of the defib in edingale

Defib based at the village hall, Main Road, Edingale

The British Heart Foundation gives 4 steps you should take if someone is having a cardiac arrest:

1. Call 999

2. Start CPR

3. Ask someone to bring a defibrillator if there is one nearby

4. Turn the defibrillator on and follow the instructions


They are safe, easy to use and save lives.



Day 5 - Philip Howard Opticians

Day 5 of Defib a Day takes us back into the town centre, to Philip Howard in Tamworth.  This defib is located on the front wall of the shop and is 24 hour access.  This particular defib was kindly donated by Tamworth Lions.

Close up of the defib at the opticians

This defib is situated on Market Street, Tamworth

Philip Howard Opticians on Market Street in Tamworth town centre, near to the Castle and Ankerside.  There's usually a gorilla keeping watch...

For more information about local defibs in our constituency and beyond, visit Tamworth Have A Heart’s website www.haveahearttamworth.wordpress.com where they have a map of local defibs.  If you have an onsite defib which isn’t marked on the map do let the team know!



Day 6 - Hints Village Hall

Whether you’re after a BBQ or a car show, Hints Village Hall has some wonderful events this summer! 

They also have another lifesaving Public Access Defib on the front external wall, to the right of the main entrance.

the defib at Hnts Village hall

The front of Hints Village Hall

The defib is outside the village hall in Hints, on School Lane

If you are interested in installing a public access defib in your community Tamworth Have A Heart can provide advice and support to get you on your way.



Day 7 - Tamworth Snowdome

Day 7 of Defib a Day and it’s one of the unique places that brings people from all over to visit Tamworth Snow Dome!  They have staff trained in First Aid and a lifesaving AED, available during opening times inside the building. 

The Defib is inside the Snowdome near to the gym

The defibrillator inside Tamworth Snowdome

The defib inside Tamworth Snowdome, Riverdrive, Tamworth

The building is open from 7am until 11pm for gym access, the attraction itself opens from 9am.  So whether you're active in the gym or braving the ski slope the support is there if you need it.

Across the road Strykers bowling in NAMCO Funscape has a 24hr Access AED on the right hand side of the main entrance.


Day 8 - The White Lion, Harlaston

Day 8 of Defib of the Day takes us to the White Lion Pub in Harlaston which has some delicious seasonal food! And a public access defib on the outside wall, to the right of the restaurant.

The White Lion Pub in Harlaston

The White Lion defib close up

The defib on the White Lion, Main Road, Harlaston

For people living in villages, the local pub is often the place to get together, meet neighbours and engage in community events, thankfully all the locals know where this particular defib is!


Day 9 - ASDA at Ventura Park

You can find almost anything in Ventura Retail Park, but do you know where to look for a lifesaving defib? ASDA’s is accessible during business hours located at the Customer Services Desk.  Just walk in and turn left. 

M&S also has one in customer services, and Bannatynes has one in their gym. 

asda ventura park

The Defib is inside Asda on Ventura Park Road, Tamworth

As part of Defib a Day I have written to businesses to encourage them to work with Tamworth Have A Heart to install a 24 hour public access defib on an exterior wall so shoppers can access equipment regardless of where they are shopping.



Day 10 - Quinney Hall, Canwell

Nestled just off Bassetts Pole Island, you may know Quinney Hall (Canwell) as a great venue for weddings, parties and dinners.  Located on the left hand side of the entrance porch, this AED has 24hr access.

Quinney Hall in Canwell

The defib in the porch of Quinney Hall, accessible 24/7

Defib at Quinney Hall, London Road, Sutton Coldfield

Why not also check out the Midlands’ largest Agricultural show, Canwell Show, today?  It’s one day only, showcasing the very best local produce, stunning displays and fun for all the family!  I attend almost every year and always have a great time.


Day 11 - Tamworth Cricket & Hockey Club

Still celebrating the historical England Cricket win a few weeks back, our Defib a Day is Tamworth Cricket and Hockey Club! This defib is located right of the entrance on the gate post this defib has 24hr access.

tamworth cricket club

defib at the centre

Tamworth Cricket Club defib, Hints Road, Hopwas

For more information about defibs in our constituency and how to acquire on in your community visit Tamworth Have A Heart’s website www.haveahearttamworth.wordpress.com.


Day 12 - Tamworth Railway Station

Day 12 and it’s a special day - Happy 180th Birthday to Tamworth Rail Station ? ?.

You’ll find the Defib here on the left side of the main entrance on the exterior wall.

Tamworth train station

Tamworth railway defib

The defib at Tamworth Railway Station, Victoria Road, Tamworth

It is accessible 24/7 and has been used in the past to help save lives.  Staff are familiar with the device and so can be approached if in doubt.  The team are also always happy to call for an ambulance if required.


Day 13 - Fazeley Town Hall

Day 13 of defib a day brings us to Fazeley Town Hall where the defibrillator was donated by Fazeley Pharmacy and Fazeley Town Council.

This defib is accessible 24/7 and can be found on the right hand corner of the hall, near to the car park. 

Defib outside of Fazeley Town Hall

close up of the Fazeley Defib

The defib at Fazeley Town Hall just off the A4091

The defib can be used without any prior training but if in doubt, the operator on the end of your 999 call will walk you through use.  You cannot shock anybody who does not require it, the machines prevent such a problem from occurring, so there's no need to fear - help where you can.

Also in the area there is a defib outside the Drayton Manor Cricket and Social Club.



Day 14 - Drayton Manor Theme Park

Families from far and wide love Drayton Manor Park.  It’s their summer of fun – a great day out to enjoy some varied thrills and attractions from rollercoasters to Meerkats!  It’s also one of the most Heart Safe places in Tamworth with 8 Defibs throughout the Park.

Drayton Manor Park

Interestingly some of the defibs have been used and have saved lives! Not just with the thrill seekers but with staff too.  It is fantastic to know that mobile defibs are on site and can be deployed when needed, keeping people alive.



Day 15 - Tamworth Rugby Club 

You’ll always get a warm welcome visiting Tamworth Rugby Club. Great atmosphere every match day and our Defib Of The Day!

The defib at Tamworth Rugby Club

Close up of the rugby club defib

This defib is in Wigginton Park at the Rugby Club

Supported by the wonderful Tamworth Have A Heart, this Defib can be found on the right hand side of the function room with 24hr access.  Great to know the men and women toughing it out on the rugby fields will always have a defib at hand if required.  Near to this the Coton Arms pub also has a defib available on hand



Day 16 - The Old Crown Pub, Wigginton

Day 16 of Defib A Day takes us to the Old Crown of Wigginton.  The defib is 24 hours access.  If you want to know more about what a defib is and what it does click here

The defib is outside the old crown pub

Close up of the defib

The defib is outside the pub, 120 Main Road, Wigginton

Tamworth Have A Heart provide free training and support on both CPR and AED’s: visit their website for more information at www.haveahearttamworth.wordpress.com


Day 17 - Oceans of Tamworth

A community favourite for our fish & chips Oceans Of Tamworth not only offer responsibly sourced chippy dinners but they also have a defib. Great food, served with a smile.

The defib was sponsored by Cllr Tina Clements and is on the left hand side of their shop entrance. 24hr access!
Defib at Oceans of Tamwoeth

Defib outside Oceans Tamworth at the Exley Centre

While it may seem odd to have a defib at a place where people buy fast food, this defib was placed with the public in mind.  Cllr Clement's husband has faced heart problems and so she was only to happy to help fund a defib in her division.


Day 18 - Belgrave Sports and Social Club

Today’s Defib Of The Day is at Belgrave Sports & Social Club, located on the front left corner of the building with 24hr Access. If you want to support Tamworth Have a Heart and TAME Community First Responders be sure to sign up to their Charity Quiz night on the 27th September!

Belgrave sports and social centre defib

Belgrave Sports and Social Club defib, 301 Wilnecote Lane

Here's the event flyer for all interested in attending.

event fundraising for heart health

I hope to pull together a local Conservative team - so may see you there!


Day 19 - Wilnecote Railway Station

You probably rush past this every day on your work commute without noticing, however Day 19 brings us to Wilnecote Railway Station. Where the AED is located at the top of the steps leading to Platform 1 with 24hr Access.
Wilnecote Railway Station houses a defib

The defib above the stairs at the train station


Day 20 - Bolehall Manor Club

Today's defib takes us to Bolehall Manor Club which turned 80 this year!  This is a brilliant local venue with a whole range of events and activities for residents.

bolehall manor club

Great to see an AED on the right hand side of the bar, access to this defib is restricted to opening times.

Day 21 - The Fox Inn Pub

Another defibrillator supported by Tamworth Have a Heart as well as County Councillor Michael Greatorex, who arranged funding for the defibrillator from the Staffordshire Local Community Fund.

Our Defib Of The Day is at The Fox Inn on the left hand side of the entrance with 24hr access.

Fox Inn Dosthill

Defib at the Fox Inn, High Street, Dosthill

fox inn defib

Just a reminder if you missed my posts earlier this month, British Heart Foundation gives 4 steps you should take if someone is in cardiac arrest:
 1. Call 999
 2. Start CPR
 3. Ask someone to bring a defibrillator if there is one nearby
 4. Turn the defibrillator on and follow the instructions

They are safe, easy to use and save lives


Day 22 - St Peter's Church and Community Centre

St Peter's Church & Community Centre hosts some great community events and activities in Glascote, and is the location for Day 22. They had a fabulous float at the Tamworth Carnival too!
 This defib was supported by Tamworth Have a Heart and is located just to the right of the entrance with 24hr access.

St Peter's Community Centre defib


Day 23 - Tamworth Castle Grounds

Planning on spending time in the Castle Grounds this Bank Holiday weekend? Keep an eye out for the recently refurbished public toilets, complete with a Changing Places unit which includes features like a motorised sink to meet different height needs. Check out the picture shared by Borough Councillors Cllr Robert Pritchard and Cllr John Chesworth, Spital Ward for a sneak peak.

defib at the public toilets

On the right hand side as you face the block you’ll also find our Defib of the Day (Day 23) so do familiarise yourself if you’re walking past!

Day 24 - Elford Village Hall

What a fantastic sunny bank holiday weekend! ☀️

With the Elford Scarecrow Festival held over this weekend it promises to be another crowd pleaser, with some terrific designs. A favourite of mine will always be the Boris Johnson on the zip line!

Defib in Elford Village Hall

While there keep an eye out for our Bank Holiday Day 24 Defib of the Day at Elford Village Hall on the right side of the entrance and there is also a defib at Elford Hall Garden. Both are 24 hour access.


Day 25 - Anker Valley Sports Complex

Our second defib for the bank holiday - No.25 is at Anker Valley Sports Complex it can be found the office and available during opening hours

Anker Valley Sports Complex

This is fantastic news for the many sports enthusiasts who visit of a weekend to play or watch the football games here.

Day 26 - Red Lion Hopwas

Day 26 of Defib a Day takes up back into the rural areas of our constituency. Red Lion Hopwas has a defib located on the right hand side of the main entrance with 24hr access.

red lion defib outside the pub

Pubs feature heavily on our list as they are often the heart of the community, not only for those who want a drink but to attend local events and fundraisers. If your local is without do encourage them to get in touch with Tamworth Have a Heart for information and support in acquiring one.

Day 27 - Coop, Dosthill

Day 27 takes us back to Dosthill with our Defib of the Day at the Co-Op. This defib was installed with support from Tamworth Have a Heart, fundraising by the Dosthill Women's Institute, Tamworth Co-operative Food and a grant from the Staffordshire Local Community Fund arranged by County Councillor Michael Greatorex.

coop dosthill defib

It’s terrific to see a community coming together to make sure this life saving equipment is available.

Day 28 - Local Schools

Day 28 of Defib a Day is dedicated to our young people. It’s a sad fact that sudden cardiac arrest can affect people of any age. In July (see photo) I met with Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and learned that every week, 12 young apparently healthy people die from an undiagnosed heart defect. Screening and AED access is vital to protect young lives so I am happy to see Birds Bush Primary School, The Rawlett School, Polesworth School and Two Rivers High and Primary Schools all have defibs available during opening hours.

youth risk of cardiac arrest is important, many local schools have defibs

Can’t spot your school on Tamworth Have a Heart’s map? Why not ask them about it? They may have one that isn’t known to the team yet.

Day 29 - Tamworth District Scouts

Today’s Defib a Day (Day 29) goes to Tamworth District Scouts. The Scouts are at the centre of our communities and I would certainly encourage anyone with children aged 6-18 to get involved.

Tamworth District Scouts

This defib can be found inside the Scout Activity Centre in Glascote Heath during opening hours, seen here on Tamworth Have a Heart’s defib map which can be found on their website www.haveahearttamworth.com

Day 30 - Shenstone Village

I live in Shenstone so it is great to know a defib is on hand for my immediate neighbours and community. 

Shenstone defib at the Parish Council Offices

This defib is outside the Shenstone Parish Council offices, so handy for anybody in the nearby shops.


Day 31 - Last Day

The FINAL day of my Defib-A-Day campaign.

It has been a fantastic to see residents getting stuck into the campaign along with me as we highlight where the defibs are across our town and villages. I have already had a number of people contact me to get a defib installed where they live/work!


Particular thanks go to Tamworth Have a Heart and The Mayor of Tamworth Richard Kingstone for supporting the campaign alongside me.

These machines save lives, so lets keep pushing to install more!



Meeting with survivor of sudden cardiac arrest

Christopher Pincher, Conservative MP for Tamworth meets with local constituent Benjamin Culff, who suffered a cardiac arrest at work, to discuss lifesaving defibrillator campaign

The Budget 2020

Yesterday the Chancellor unveiled a Budget that delivers on our promises to the British people to level up our whole United Kingdom and spread opportunity across every community. 

The Queens Speech

Today's queen's speech reaffirmed that the NHS is our number one priority which is why we will become the first ever Government to enshrine the increased NHS budget of an extra £33.9 billion per year into law.

The Queen's Speech also set out our plans to:

Thank you for your support!

I would like to thank the people of Tamworth and surrounding villages for supporting me in the recent election.

Thank you especially to the Returning Officer, elections team and local police who helped ensure we could all cast our votes and that election day ran smoothly.

View From the House - September 9th

Hello and welcome back to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed. The summer recess has been incredibly busy, with a lot of changes. I signed off my last View from the House saying there would be lots of news to report, I do not think I am wrong!

21 Days into our Defib A Day Campaign!

Every day for the past couple of weeks I have been highlighting defibrillator access points in and around Tamworth.  Here's the past 7 days of defibs in our area!

Day 15 - Tamworth Rugby Club 

14 days into the defib a day campaign

Every day for the past couple of weeks I have been highlighting defibrillator access points in and around Tamworth.  Here's the past 7 days of defibs in our area!


August 8th - The White Lion, Harlaston

The first 7 days of the defib campaign

During summer recess I have launched a ‘Defib-A-Day’ campaign to highlight a number of defibrillator sites across Tamworth and the surrounding villages and to raise awareness to local residents about their locations and how to use them.