Getting tough on crime

The increase in serious violence is worrying and sadly some people living in our area do not feel as safe as they should.

It is the Prime Minister's job to make our streets safer and we have already began work to do just that, putting away criminals for rehabilitation and ensuring that the law abiding majority can live their lives free from the fear of crime.

Once we get Brexit out of the way the Conservative Government will have a heavy focus on reducing crime as a priority.

I will do what I can to raise police and crime concerns with Government and to ensure Tamworth gets the funding and support needed to keep crime to a minimum.  Whether it is shoplifting, cyber fraud or car theft, every crime matters and I will do what I can to make Tamworth safer.


NHS changes to support staff

From April, new rules will be enforced for NHS staff.  Currently staff can refused to treat any non-critical care patients who are verbally or physically aggressive towards them.

Pre-Charge Bail consultation

Today the Home Secretary launched a consultation pre-charge bail to see what the wider public think of the idea.

Increasing police powers on drone misuse

Following the problems which arose around airports due to drone activities last year, the Government has acted to give police forces around the country brand new powers to tackle the misuse of unmanned aircraft.

Free Cyber Security Training For Businesses

One of the crime issues I am seeing more and more in my casework, is a rise in fraud and cyber crime.  Part of addressing and responding to this is being aware of where flaws may be, either through software and hardware or even through day to day social engineering.

Free summer project for youth

Staffordshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services is running a project this summer to connect British youth with young people from Bremen in Germany.

It's a free project two-week camp based in Cannock Chase with visits to the surrounding towns, celebrations and civic events.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Tamworth MP, Christopher Pincher, has signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, in doing so pledging his to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly t

X-rays in more prisons

During the election a key issue a number of residents raised with me was cracking down on drugs and weapons in prisons.  This is an issue I know the Prime Minister as well as the Prison Service are keen to resolve.

Serious Offenders To Spend Longer In Prison

Today Parliament discussed legislation that will end the automatic half-way release for offenders sentenced for serious crimes such as rape, manslaughter, murder and GBH.  Instead all prisoners with serious offences will be made to spend two-thirds of their sentence in prison before being subject

Introducing Stalking Protection Orders

The Government are introducing Stalking Protection Orders (SPOs) which will allow our courts to move quicker to prevent stalkers from contacting victims, visiting their house or workplace or places they visit regularly.  This will help victims focus on recovering, rather than worrying about furth

Tackling Fly Tipping

Today the Join Unit For Waste Crime has brought together law enforcement agencies, regulators, HMRC and the National Crime Agency to create a taskforce dedicated to tackling organised waste crime.