Getting tough on crime

The increase in serious violence is worrying and sadly some people living in our area do not feel as safe as they should.

It is the Prime Minister's job to make our streets safer and we have already began work to do just that, putting away criminals for rehabilitation and ensuring that the law abiding majority can live their lives free from the fear of crime.

Once we get Brexit out of the way the Conservative Government will have a heavy focus on reducing crime as a priority.

I will do what I can to raise police and crime concerns with Government and to ensure Tamworth gets the funding and support needed to keep crime to a minimum.  Whether it is shoplifting, cyber fraud or car theft, every crime matters and I will do what I can to make Tamworth safer.


Tobacco trace controls now in place

New regulations which provide stronger sanctions for businesses or individuals who deal with illicit tobacco and contravene the requirements of the Tobacco Products (Traceability and Security Features) Regulations 2019 have now come into effect.

The APPG on anti social behaviour

Last year a new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Social behaviour was set up. The group is running an enquiry to establish what more can be done to reduce anti-social behaviour within our communities.

Neighbourhood Watch Week

It's Neighbourhood Watch Week and this year Neighbourhood Watch is 40 years old. 

Trial for noise cameras

Residents from time to time raise with me concerns about late night racing, the bangs, pops and backfires of exhaust pipes are incredibly disturbing to hear of a night and worrying if you hear them coming towards you in the day as a pedestrian.

Sanctioned By Russia

Today, Russia released their sanction list of 287 British MPs.

I regard it as a badge of honour to have been added to the Putin regime’s Sanction List. This means I am now banned from entering the Russian Federation.

Putin is losing his war. I STAND WITH UKRAINE.


HSBC Safe Space

HSBC has launched a 'Safe Spaces' project in each of its branches across the United Kingdom, including their branch in Tamworth town centre (by the Sir Robert Peel Statue).

New offence to tackle dog theft moves step closer

A new criminal offence to crack down on dog theft and put people who steal these much loved pets behind bars for up to five years has been set out in the Government’s Kept Animals Bill today.

RIP David Amess

My thoughts are with David Amess’s family, his many friends and colleagues and all who knew and loved him at this awful time. RIP David.


West Midlands Police has recruited 628 new officers in the last year as Government’s national recruitment programme exceeds 2021 target. 
Nearly 9,000 officers recruited across the United Kingdom as programme for 20,000 new officers by 2023 continues.