Deliver A Successful Brexit

I have no intention of stopping, delaying or reversing the United Kingdom's exit from the EU. The British people voted in an historic referendum in 2016 to leave the EU and reassert our sovereignty.  That is what the Government intends to deliver and it is what I will be working to achieve in Parliament. I also voted to leave and campaigned for Leave in Tamworth. 
The Prime Minister has been clear that leaving the EU means leaving the single market and the customs union.  That is what we must do and it is what, given the nature of the negotiations, the EU says it wants us to do too. I was elected on a manifesto commitment last year to deliver that. Both the Leave and the Remain campaigns were also clear during the referendum what a vote to leave the EU would mean. So I do not believe those who claim that the public was misled or did not know its own mind or what it wanted.  The majority wanted to leave the EU and that decision must be honoured.
After we leave the EU, movement will end, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice will no longer apply and we will no longer send vast sums of money to the EU. An implementation period will give companies in the United Kingdom and Europe time to adjust to new arrangements.  This is a sensible step.
We will soon be able to make our own trade deals for the first time in over 40 years.  That is important because the European Commission has predicted that 90 per cent of future world growth will come from outside of Europe. While as frictionless trade as possible with the EU must be secured, I also look forward to making our own independent trade policy as soon as possible. 

The Referendum in 2016 clearly divided opinion.  We must now work to bring the country and our communities back together as we leave the EU. That is the best way to generate individual optimism, greater business success and a forwarded looking, outward facing, determined United Kingdom.

I have voted:

FOR Theresa May's deal.  This is the most realistic prospect for us leaving the EU without disruption and uncertainty

AGAINST extending Article 50.  Lengthening the process will not help the situation.

FOR keeping 'no deal' on the table.  In order to negotiate successfully, this still needs to be on the table. A no deal Brexit, though not preferred could be prepared for and various Departments are working to keep this as smooth as possible if this does occur.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been elected as the leader of the Conservative Party by a decisive majority, and with that he brings the energy, vision and leadership to break the Brexit deadlock and propel the United Kingdom further along the road of prosperity  Only the other month, Boris came and knocked on

Todays Announcement

Stoicism, resilience, dedication and selflessness are the watchwords that define the Prime Minister’s tenure at 10 Downing Street.

HMRC advice on EU exit preparation

HMRC are written to all the VAT-registered businesses which trade with the EU only as their main source of trade.

The letter sets out what actions any business needs to take now in order to prepare for the unlikely event of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal.

EU Withdrawal Bill Vote

Over the last two weeks Tamworth's MP Christopher Pincher has been playing a crucial role in helping to secure the numerous crucial votes on Brexit.