Covid19 Backing Small Biz Campaign

Following the Covid19 outbreak, many businesses had to close their doors, thankfully due to the low number of cases, many have now been able to reopen, albeit with additional safety restrictions in place.

Keeping Tamworth Strong through Covid19

The outbreak of Covid19 affected just about every resident in Tamworth and the villages, I have been doing what I can to keep Tamworth on track, retain jobs, support those who have lost work, boost access to testing and care, helping schools reopen and ensure that everybody has a roof over their

Highlighting Defibrillators in Tamworth

Recent research shows that your best chances of survival from a cardiac arrest is to receive a cardiac shock within three minutes. Every minute afterwards decreases your chance of survival by 10%.

Improving Tamworth Town Centre

I am working with local traders and the local authority to make ambitious plans for our town centre a reality.  I back enterprise partnerships and am in support of Tamworth's bid for Future High Street Funding.

Save School Crossing Patrols

We want our children to be able to walk to school but we know how difficult that journey can be.  Not only does your child need some road safety awareness but there's also worries about pavement parking, speeding drivers and safe places to cross.

Promote The Right Development

Everybody needs a place to live and this Government is committed to trying to fix the housing market. For many, property prices have become unattainable and it is important to keep building new, quality homes to meet this need. 

Supporting Great Schools In Tamworth

My colleagues in the Department for Education are committed to ensuring that everyone can have the best start in life, and go as far as their talents and hard work can take them.

Promote Tamworth Jobs and Tourism

Tourism is currently worth £127 billion to Britain’s economy and as Britain’s seventh largest export industry, inbound tourism’s economic contribution is currently valued at £26.2 billion. We are lucky to have so much on our doorstep that I want to continue to promote.