Businesses providing delivery

With so many of you self-isolating and socially distancing, it is fantastic to know that many local businesses are adapting to suit the new need.

While the empty shelves of the past few weeks would have been scary for some, most supermarkets are now well stocked again but keeping limits on purchases and limiting how many people can enter the store at any one time.  This is to help with social distancing and to ensure people are adhering to rules on mass purchases.  So if you couldn't get what you wanted last week, consider visiting again now.  If you are shielding, perhaps ask for somebody to shop for you.

Online shopping:

Supermarkets are using Gov data to deliver to the most vulnerable homes first. There is high demand, you are better to visit a supermarket or shopping-locally from smaller vendors if you are able to safely leave your property.



For self isolators:

If you are unable to organise home delivery and are based  in Tamworth please contact Tamworth Community Together CIC who are running a self isolation group in association with many other local groups and bodies including the Council and NHS.  They can be contacted on 01827 59646  Essentials boxes, befriending and other services are being provided.

For residents living in the villages (or paying council tax to Lichfield District Council), Support Staffordshire is offering a similar scheme.  They can be contacted on 01534 303030 or by making contact with your local Parish Council clerk.


With regard to home delivery, I am providing the businesses that I have been made aware of below but if you want to add yours to the list, please let me know.


Delivery businesses:


The below companies work with eateries throughout the UK.

Uber Eats

Just Eat


Too Good To Go (order then collect)

There are also many chains which allow ordering, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco, Iceland, Morrisons, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, Beelivery, Selfridges, Amazon, Wilkos

Aldi offer some goods online. Dairy drop (milk and drinks)

Argos - electronic goods, entertainment, bigger items

The Cooperative (Tamworth and the villages): 01827 337 299 to place an order.

Many supermarkets are offering their first hour of opening times to the elderly and front-line emergency workers.

Tamworth Wide

Roasters Breads/Sandwiches: 01827 311631 (also doing the villages!)

Smith and Ellis Butchers 01827 62746 (Blue Light Discount)

Piggin Yummy Pork Scratchins: 07507 982684

Corey's Sports Bar: 01827 64830

Daisy's Delights - Sunday/Wednesday Dinners: 07724 895900

Jeffries Sandwiches: 01827 767 747

Christophers Restaurant: 01827 67676

Royal Balti: 01827 310437

Portobellos: 01827 54474

Champagne Indian: 01827 313175

Sticky Fingers Café: 01827 65320

Jalali Indian: 01827 316786

Moofresh Milk: 0121 448 0269 (also covers Shenstone & Stonnall)

Tamworth Market Pet Store: 07400 308718 (drop offs once a week)

Neil's Finest Grimsby Fish: 07523 974914 (still doing Market on Tuesdays)

Tamworth indoor market deli: call John on 07388225436.  Deliveries 1mile from Tamworth town centre. Cooked meats, cheses, pies, eggs

Additionally the Tamworth Toolbox is allowing residents to re-fill hand sanitizer bottles for a small fee. This is an in-store only service. 

They're delivering hardware, cleaning products and sanitiser just one day a week in and around Tamworth: 0182752550

Gaytons Bakery: 01827 712538

Still trying to do the Market on Tues, Friday, Saturday - St Editha's Sq. Deliveries ordered before 1pm will be distributed after market.

Joe Richards Green Grocer:   01827 68833. Will deliver in a 2 mile radius.

Still remains open in Middle Entry for collection or to purchase direct.


Russell’s Butchers: 01534 481 947

Kevin Davis Milk: 07740 835 483

Voujon Stonnall: 01922 457344

Nick Sutherton: 07885 046036

(fish, poultry, meats including exotic)visiting the villages as he normally would, extended stock.

Buzzards Valley: 0121 308 1951

Galliers Diary: 0121 355 2321

Shenstone Hall potatoes: 07976 290 048

Sandhu Stores (groceries): 01827 284845 (mile oak, hints, drayton bassett)

British Food Box: 07817 808392 (Covers Edingale. Clifton Campville, Haunton. Fruit, veg, dairy, bread, pies)

The Forage Shop (Fig and olive): 0121 308 7197

Stonnall Fish & Chips Bar: 01543372041

The Cheese Cavern: (based in Lichfield town centre) pick up from the shop or order home delivery in Tamworth and the villages.  07967 891 431

Tamworth Trade Supplies: Call Ben for LPG gas 07814 274716

Alistair Geldard (of Boar Grills Hog Roast Arlewas): 07720809084 with meat, eggs and veg.

Greendoor Catering and Paul Shum Family Butchers Yoxall - Essential box delivery £40. 01543 473 383

The Crown Elford: (Order then collect only for most. Delivery Elford village walking distance) 01827 383602, meals from their menu available to pick up every day except Sunday.  Holding an outdoor essentials market at the venue 4-6pm.



Promote Tamworth Jobs and Tourism

Tourism is currently worth £127 billion to Britain’s economy and as Britain’s seventh largest export industry, inbound tourism’s economic contribution is currently valued at £26.2 billion. We are lucky to have so much on our doorstep that I want to continue to promote. 

Supporting rural communities

I work to support rural communities and businesses.  As the MP for the constituency of Tamworth I also represent the surrounding villages so helping rural areas thrive is high on my agenda. 


Supporting those most vulnerable to Covid19

The Government will be rolling out additional support to those most vulnerable to Covid19.  While most should have been contacted by their health centre... If you have any of the following: