Many residents have contacted me about the proposed takeover of Sky. Karen Bradley, the Secretary of State for Culture, has made it clear in two statements to the House of Commons that she is sitting in a quasi-judicial rôle in determining whether or not to allow 21st Century Fox to acquire a controlling interest in Sky. I was present at one of these.

Like a judge sitting in court, the Minister can only consider evidence, not opinion. Her Department has already received several thousand identical 38 Degrees emails such as the one you sent me, and unfortunately these have all had to be ignored as they contain no evidence - only opinion regarding this matter. I am afraid that my forwarding your email and the 8 identical emails I received can have no influence on the outcome of this investigation whatsoever. You would not lobby a judge or lawyers in court and I fear that in this instance you cannot lobby ministers with only opinion.

If you have evidence as distinct from opinion, you can however submit your evidence to Mrs Bradley by writing to her direct at her Department in London. Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. Your opinion is of interest to me and I like to receive my constituent's thoughts.


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