I have been very much involved in the campaign since being elected and I regularly talk to campaign groups and residents about HS2. I also send out updates every 4-6 months. I continue to question the entire project as I believe the HS2 business case does not stack up. Furthermore, and regardless of the business case, I do not think that the mitigations so far described to lessen the impact of HS2 around Tamworth or the compensation proposals to deal with the blight affect on many homes and businesses is sufficient or acceptable. People should not lose out simply for living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Below is a list of some of my previous actions relating to HS2.

For more information on the proposals and to see the routes please go to either the Department for Transport's website or HS2 Ltd.'s website. If you would like to join my mailing list on HS2 please sign up by emailing me.

Below is a list of some of my previous actions relating to HS2 and links to the relevant information.

  • Asked the Leader of the House, Sir George Young, if Members of Parliament can have a debate on HS2 in the House of Commons;
  • Attended and participated in the first and second Westminster Hall debates on HS2;
  • Written to Sir Brian Briscoe, Chairman of HS2, to press him on the issues of the consultation scheme and the compensation scheme – to tackle blight before the route is finalised, and to see if blight has been included in the costs of the business case e.g., stamp duty; 
  • Participated in the Transport Select Committee report on HS2 debate in the House of Commons and asked why out-dated passenger forecast figures were used;
  • Attended a meeting between the Secretary of State and Members of Parliament in November where I raised the issues of – business case, mitigation, compensation and the effect of HS2 to West Coast Main Line Services on Tamworth;
  • Asked the Secretary of State about the Exceptional Hard Ship Scheme after her Statement on HS2;
  • Asked Sir Brian Briscoe to enquire why HS2 Ltd. prediction for increased capacity on the West Midlands Main Line was greater than National Rail's and the Department of Transport's predictions, and enquired why HS2 asserts travel time as "dead time" when work and leisure can be conducted on a train – especially with WIFI and charging points;
  • Written to Sir Brian Briscoe to find out details and figures of the Exceptional Hardship Scheme and to ask why the scheme, as implemented in my constituency, appeared to lack a logical test for HS2;
  • Written to HS2 Ltd. to ask if they would consider slowing down the train to avoid settlements and if this is not possible if they would make cuttings to minimise visual and audio blight;
  • Written to Virgin Trains and London Midland – the two major operators of the West Coast Main Line – to see if they agree with HS2 Ltd.'s prediction for increased capacity and what they are doing to combat this increase in capacity;
  • Questioned the financial viability of the project in our current dire economic situation by writing to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander;
  • Attended meetings in various villages and private homes – including a meeting with residents in Hopwas, Hints and Drayton Bassett- to listen to their concerns and relay these to the government; 
  • Helped organise a lobby day in which government ministers and local residents met to discuss concerns and hear from campaigners opposed to HS2;
  • Handed in a petition to the Secretary of State, Philip Hammond, on behalf of the residents of the villages to show how much public disdain there is for this project in Tamworth to which I received a reply to – this reply stressed the government's commitment to an inclusive public consultation which will commence in February;
  • Written to the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge MP and the Chairman of the Transport Select Committee, Louise Ellman MP, to invite them to launch an official enquiry into HS2, questioning its business case – the former request was unsuccessful whereas the later committee did hold an investigation;
  • Written to ministers about HS2 including a recent Written Parliamentary Question about the benefits of HS2 in Staffordshire and the Tamworth Constituency; 
  • Met with Philip Hammond and the Chief Engineer for HS2 to make clear neither current announced configuration (The Adonis Route) nor the proposal to move the line close to Mile Oak, Hopwas and Whittington are acceptable;
  • Written to Sir Brian Briscoe asking for a HS2 'Road Show' near or around Tamworth;
  • I have contacted Lichfield District Council to see if they can provide transport to the Lichfield roadshow;Visited the Lichfield roadshow and spent the afternoon speaking to HS2 officials and concerned residents;
  • Submitted a comprehensive consultation response to the HS2 consultation
  • Written to Sir Brian Briscoe, Chairman of HS2 Ltd. about the HS2 consultation;Written to both Sir Brian Briscoe and the Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond MP about how they should publish the entire route, the 'Y-shape', so those affected later on can submit to the same consultation as residents affected by HS2;
  • I joined with local people at the "Stop HS2" lobby in Westminster and met with Jerry Marshall and other representatives from the National Campaign;
  • Interviewed by BBC Midlands today where I made clear local people's objections to HS2. I made known to the Leader of the House my concerns about the new e-petition rendering the paper-based petition against HS2 obsolete;
  • The coalition Government announced a new process where any petition receiving over 100,000 signatures would be considered by the Backbench Business Committee, and they could decide if it could be debated in the Chamber of the House of Commons. The debate on 13th October was a Backbench Business Committee agreed debate. I was pleased to hear from the Leader of the House that paper-and-pen petitions would not be side-lined or ignored;
  • Visited Kent with Dan Byles, Member of Parliament for North Warwickshire, to see the visual and audio impact of HS1 for ourselves;
  • Written to the Secretary of State to complain that the noise levels in the roadshows were demonstrably quieter than those in Kent;
  • Attended – and participated – in another HS2 Lobby in Parliament which was attended by many local and national campaigners.
  • Raised the Exceptional Hardship Scheme with the Deputy Speaker in an Adjournment Debate on the 24th May 2012

04 AUG 2014

Sir David Higgins meets with affected HS2 community groups

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Hints, Drayton Bassett, Swinfen, Freeford and Tamworth, last week hosted a meeting between local residents affected by Phase 1 of HS2 and the Chairman of HS2 Ltd, Sir David Higgins. Sir David met residents from Swinfen, Packington and Weeford in Hints...

01 MAY 2014

Pincher Defies Government to Oppose HS2

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth, this week voted against the Government's proposals for a new high speed railway through Staffordshire. The HS2 Bill was debated in Parliament and received the support of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. But forty one...

13 APR 2014

Tamworth Herald: MP Christopher Pincher blasts HS2 for being "unfair" on Tamworth residents

Tamworth's MP has blasted HS2 after voting against the proposals in Government earlier this week. Christopher Pincher, who admits plans for a new high speed rail link are likely to go ahead, said it will have a severe impact on communities in Tamworth. He said: "My constituents are not nimbys....

05 APR 2014

Pincher Vows to Vote Against HS2

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Hints, Hopwas & Tamworth, has made clear that he will vote against HS2 legislation when it is debated in the House of Commons at the end of April. The "Second Reading" of the Bill (when the principle of the legislation is discussed) will be held on 28th...

11 DEC 2013

Christopher Pincher grills the Deputy Prime Minister in Prime Ministers Questions

Last week Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Hints, Drayton Bassett, Weeford and Tamworth quizzed the Deputy Prime Minster, Nick Clegg, who was standing in for the Prime Minster, on HS2 during PMQs. Mr Pincher raised concerns over the clarity and consistency of the information given out...


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