Here you will find links to your local councillors. If you are unsure who your councillor is, please visit

To report issues such as pot holes, broken street lights, graffiti, etc., please visit and follow the instructions. You can also contact your elected councillor from accessing their full contact details below.

Lichfield District Council

If you live in Lichfield District, you can contact your councillor using this link.

Tamworth Borough Council

Your Tamworth Borough councillors can be found using this link.

Staffordshire County Council

Your Staffordshire County councillors can be found through this link.

Members of the European Parliament

Should you have a query with matters involving the European Union, you can contact your Members of the European Parliament here.

Useful Numbers

Tamworth Borough Council – 01829 709709

Tamworth Information Centre (TIC) - 01827 709581 / 618

Staffordshire County Council – 0300 111 8000

Tamworth Police Non Emergency – 0300 123 4455

NHS Direct - 0845 4647

Tamworth Community Advice Network – 01827 768809 / 768821


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