Christopher encourages all Tamworth schools to visit Parliament and encourages pupils to see for themselves democracy in action. The Parliament Education Service can help arrange school visits, provides teacher training about citizenship and political literacy, and creates resources to help teach these subjects in the classroom.

There are two types of tours avaliable for school groups - private and HoC Education Service

Private: This type of tour is seperate form the HoC education service and is organised and ran through Christopher's private office in Westminsters. If you would like to organise a private tour for your school please call Chris' office on 02072197169 or email

Educational Serivce: This is the official HoC educational tour group. For more information on this service please visit

Chris is always happy to come into schools, have a look around, meet the teachers and speak to the pupils.

For more information or to arrange for Chris to come into your school please ring 02072197169 or email

19 AUG 2013

Christopher Pincher congratulates pupils at Landau Forte Academy 6th Form Tamworth on their fantastic A-Level Results.

This week Tamworth students received their A-level results with an overall pass rate of 98% with 68% of the pupils receiving top grades. Mr Pincher said: "Congratulations to all of the pupils and...

13 AUG 2013

Christopher Pincher welcomes £331,475 Olympic Legacy funding for Tamworth Primary Schools

Tamworth primary schools are set to receive an additional £331,475 in additional funding to support physical education as part of the Olympic legacy. The additional school funding will be...

01 NOV 2012

Christopher Pincher welcomes students from Landau Forte Academy 6th Form Centre to Parliament

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth, this week welcomed 13 politics students from Landau Forte Academy 6th Form Centre on a tour of Parliament followed by a question and answer...

10 DEC 2011

Christopher Pincher Raises Academic Rigour with Prime Minister

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth, on Wednesday called upon Prime Minister David Cameron to reintroduce rigour in our examination system in Prime Ministers Questions. This is Mr...


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